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Hunting: tips for safe trekking

Hunting: tips for safe trekking

A hundred of hunting accidents occur each year in every country. Enough to feed the fear of hikers to be shot on their outings. How to know 먹튀검증   where and when hunting takes place and what precautions to take. For Example due to not follow of the safety rules A mountain biker killed during a wild boar fight in Haute-Savoie on October 13, 2018. Another cyclist seriously injured in Ariège a week later. A girl severely hit by the shots of a man wanting to shoot a pheasant, in Limoges, in September. In front of the series of these dramatic facts, several associations claim the prohibition of the hunt on Sunday to “practice leisure activities in all safety and serenity”. However, this measure is not on the agenda, as most of the battles take place on land owned or leased to private owners.

Know the times, days and places of hunting

In general, the hunting season runs from mid-October to mid-February. However, restrictions may be imposed by the agency in places that are frequented by walkers or because of constraints related to management and logging. Municipal decrees 먹튀검증 , available in the town hall, can also be taken in this direction. To know the specific hunting locations on the day you plan to hike, check with the local hunting company or commune.

Hunting: tips for safe trekking

Equip a whistle and a fluorescent vest

  • In public forests, a “hunting in progress” sign is intended to warn walkers at the start of the trail. It is better than to avoid this place.
  • If you hear dogs and gunshots, a sign of a beat in progress, do not panic: signal your presence sound, for example with a whistle, not to be taken for an animal.
  • If you are in a group, get together and avoid stopping just then for the snack break.
  • Do not stray off marked trails as you enter the scrub for example.
  • Wear bright clothing, ideally to have a fluorescent vest like that of cyclists.
  • Namely, all detonations are not gunshots: they are often only anti-hail or anti-bird guns
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