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Can career counseling help in personal development?

Pupils, students, the unemployed, starting their careers, or people who want to get to know each other better – for each of these groups, career counseling, can help in making further decisions about choosing a profession or job. The idea of ​​lifelong learning is becoming more and more popular. Regardless of age, it’s worth improving your skills and acquiring new knowledge. Career counseling  psychic medium lincoln ca can help in choosing the path of educational and professional development.

Career counseling – for whom?

  • Professional counseling can benefit from:
  • Students thinking about choosing a school (upper secondary or higher),
  • Students looking for ideas for their own development,
  • Unemployed persons who enter the labor market (after school, break related to motherhood),
  • Persons at risk of losing their job who would like to retrain,
  • Working people who are thinking about changing their profession,

everyone who would like to know their professional profile  psychic medium lincoln ca  and learn more about their predispositions or are looking for inspiration for educational or professional development.

What is career counseling?

Career counseling may take the form of individual meetings or group counseling.

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During an individual meeting with an advisor, the client has the opportunity to create a balance of their own competences, learn about their strengths and development areas, and define an action plan tailored to their needs and predispositions. Meeting with an advisor creates a space to get to know you better or to systematize knowledge about your preferences, values, skills, and diagnosis of specific aspects of personality. This process takes place during the interview, as well as using various tests (e.g., interest tests). A career counselor can also help you write a CV or cover letter and provide tips on how to create application documents. The counseling meeting aims to help you make educational or professional decisions.

. Group meetings allow, for example, to train interpersonal skills, i.e., to train skills that are valued and required by employers (e.g., the ability to self-present or work in a team). The form and subject of the counseling meetings depend on the individual’s situation and the counselor’s abilities.

Where to look for an advisor?

Professional counselors offer advisory services in schools, psychological and pedagogical counseling centers, academic career offices, Voluntary Labor Corps, labor offices, and other institutions, both public and private. An opportunity to take advantage of free consultancy services is also participating in projects financed from European funds in which consultancy support is provided for specific target groups (also for working adults).

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