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Different forms of conflicts of interest

When there is harmonization of interests, life is perfect.  But when we are presented with a situation in which they compete or oppose each other; or, when our judgment about an institutional interest and the integrity of an action tend to be unduly influenced by a different interest of an economic or personal nature, we are faced with what is called a Conflict of Interest.

It takes us a short time in the visualise market connections service singapore of professional life to learn to identify our personal interests primary and secondary.  A little more to be clear about the institutional interests to pursue.

Conflicts of interest involve dual relationships: one person in one position with one relationship and another relationship in another situation.  They come in different forms.  For example:

  • An official whose personal interests may conflict with his professional or institutional interests.
  • An individual who occupies a position of authority in an institution or company and who may have interests in another organization.
  • A person who has two or more conflicting responsibilities.

 Now, the problem is not having multiple direct or potentially conflicting interests, but the way in which the individual and his organization behave when they are presented and recognized.

 And it is that even when the honorability of a subject is not in doubt or the individual himself affirms that he will always put the protected institutional interest above his individual interests, given that any interested party could argue that there are risks that this is not the case, action must be takenwith transparency and special care.

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