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Free Classifieds advertising

Free Classified: A Way To Get Information, and News

Free Classifieds advertising is a kind of advertising which is expressly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals which may be exchanged or distributed free of charge. Classified advertisements are much lower than larger display advertisements done by businesses, although display advertising is more popular.

How It Works: Free Classified

Every time an individual can have the access, use. Post, submit a post or reply or search for the site, users only imply the acceptance of the then-current Privacy Policy. If an individual may not receive this Privacy Policy, then they are not allowed to utilize the Site and must stop utilization of the Site immediately.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Free Classified collect personal information about users when engaging in commerce transactions on the Site, use the Site’s products or services, ask information or supplies, create or renew account information, place orders or advance purchases, communicate around, or revisit the Site. The private information that is being collected and save about might combine without limitation their first and last name, popular email address, credit or debit card number, telephone numbers, billing, and shipping learning, order history, and other non-public information regarding the user.

Free Classified

Personal Collection is Used

  1. To provide superior services; this is to know for the user what will be he/she would like to post on the website or to find on the website.
  2. Stop users informed of information and extensions that they might find of interest;
  3. Alert one to new comments, terms, content, products or services;
  4. Contact user’s relating to their posts, replies, and/or account information; It is a way to be informed by whatever information regarding the three that were mentioned.
  5. Process and react to their inquiries; there are some instances that a post gets questions or a response, thus the free classified website know how to reach every user by collecting their personal information.
  6. Improve the Site; every user can experience the update of the site if they surrender their personal information and obey the rules. They are free to enhance their own classified posts for the benefits of both parties.
  7. Manage, monitor and control utilization of the Site, including posts, responses, and account information; this is to ensure that every post a user as they can be responsible for any information they had. It is another way of practicing transparency on the website of Free Classified.

Enforce the Terms of Use (collectively, the “Activities”).this is to ensure that the rules of agreement of the website of free classified executed well and will be.

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