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iso 45001 transition

ISO 45001 Health and safety at work is everyone’s concern

The importance of making the work environment a safe and healthy place cannot be annoying enough, so the International Organization for Standardization or ISO created the ISO 45001 certificate. Employees spend most of their time at work and in the workplace they are never without possible risks. There is no effect when accidents occur, when workers are working, and most industrial sites attract a lot of chemicals, machines and tools that employees cannot access today.

iso 45001 transitionFrom companies and industries, there is a growing demand for managing risks related to health and safety in the workplace, as well as to increasing productivity and quality. For this reason, all industry participants are working on planning, developing and implementing management systems in accordance with ISO 45001. From the point of view of an administration’s health and safety plan, they are not sufficient for damages for job seekers of accidents at work, diseases and injuries. They must ensure that the workplace is safer and healthier for their employees, creating and implementing preventive measures to avoid accidents in the office.


Compliance with iso 45001 transition certification does not relieve interested parties from possible legal obligations arising from claims related to OH & S. However, obtaining an ISO 45001 certificate indicates that employers are keen to respond to an urgent need for safe working conditions and quality of life and general health security in your work environment. In addition, ISO-certified employers not only protect their employees, but also protect their families, customers, suppliers, society, and even themselves.

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