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Reason Why Using Bitcoin

Although more and more people and businesses around the world have decided to bet on Bit coin and virtual currencies, for the majority of the population they are still complete strangers. Here are some reasons to use bit coin. . Any other that you can think of, you can provide it in the comments.

Bitcoins in the purchase and sale of products

What happens today is that many of the users that own how does bit coin work Bit coins in the whole world -especially in Latin America-, use the currency more as a form of investment, waiting for its valorization, than to buy products, because there are still few the establishments that accept payments in Bitcoins.

Some enterprising and visionary traders see an opportunity there. Although the owners of Bit coins are not so many, the possibilities they have to spend them are few. In addition, the more services that are offered with this form of payment, the more people must adhere.

Advantages of accepting Bit coins

Still not convinced to accept Bitcoins in the sale of your products? Learn below the main reasons to change your mind.


There are several lines of action in which no establishment accepts Bitcoins yet. Being the first can mean an important differential. It is an optimal way to get spontaneous media to spread your brand.

New customers

As we mentioned earlier, many have virtual currencies but do not know how to use them. Therefore, it is possible that by becoming aware of the possibility of paying for a service with Bitcoins, they become new customers simply because of the practicality.

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How will those users know about your business? Sites such as Coin Map, Spend Bitcoins, Bitcoin Search Engine and others offer listings of the services that accept payment with the cryptocurrency, since it is always looking for those establishments

Ease and price

You may be wondering why to start with this history of the virtual currency instead of simply accepting a traditional online payment. The advantage of using Bitcoins is that it is not necessary to install an electronic commerce system (which is expensive) or pay a commission, as in services of intermediaries like PayPal.

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