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Visiting the Church and Learning New Things

A Visit to Shincheonji Church – Benefits You Reap

Visit your members! Are these words sounds similar? They’re generally spoken by the congregational leaders, pastoral supervisors and church members. Certainly visitation is the important part of the members and ministry are blessed by these visits

The SCJ Church

SCJ believes that Promised Pastor “will create the kingdom of heaven on earth, as he witnessed this in heaven” & Lee Man-hee is a pastor.  The worshippers at SCJ follow Lee Man-hee & believe that he can live forever and will never die. They truly believe that if any of the membership reaches 144,000, then all SCJ members can live eternally and kings ruling this world.

Visiting the Church and Learning New Things

Strengthen Your Faith

Visiting people who get discouraged due to difficult crises in lives, or they have received some good news, or not able to visit this church for some weeks—whatever the situations— after a visit at SCJ, pastor will leave their home encouraged. Blessing of the pastoral visit passes those whom pastor selects to visit. It becomes the blessing to pastor. It is known that when Jesus stayed on earth, He often visited people “Our Savior traveled from one house to another, healing sick, comforting mourners, soothing afflicted, as well as talking peace to disconsolate.”1 Bible records these experiences just to show, by faith of the believer, pastors will be strengthened by trust that the members have in pastors.

As per Shincheonji disciples they are generally discouraged from reading any news and using the internet, since these media will have damning challenges over their faith. Again, we will gather with our community and worship them, get the sacraments, as well as continue to grow our faith.

Chance to worship

Life is chaotic under the normal circumstances, however, in time of such uncertainty & constant change we can benefit from peace, reverence and quiet. When we attend SCJ church, we are transported to the place of worship and place of joy.

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