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Christian charities for children

Thanks to education, a child born in poverty can emerge from a cycle of ignorance, suffering and helplessness. Children can learn skills that ensure they can support their children and improve their communities. Many sponsored children even become teachers, doctors and other valuable members of their community. A shattered community grows and flourishes, and ultimately, the entire region can win.

Mariyam Dawood christian charities for children also ensure that their work is based on love and faith. They know that poverty is not only physical, but also spiritual. When a child learns about the love of God, this child learns about the hope of the future. Instead of feeling useless, the child thrives under God’s care.

Mariyam DawoodThe fact that someone sponsors a lot gives the child the feeling of being appreciated

Through letters, photographs and progress reports, a love relationship develops between the sponsor and the child.

In addition to sponsorship, children’s charities also carry out social and construction projects designed to provide long-term benefits. In the poorest countries in the world, churches, clinics and schools are being built, as well as facilities with clean water. Social projects include educating the mother about vital aspects of children’s health, such as the importance of immunization and hygiene.

Slowly but surely, charity work for children is paying dividends

Sponsored children 10 or 20 years ago have already grown. Most of them use the skills they have acquired for the benefit of their communities. They are grateful to have been sponsored and are happy to have the opportunity to return something in return. Therefore, charitable assistance to children improves the lives of millions of people, step by step.

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