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Dig your knowledge on sculptures and its type of materials

With various shapes of cut clay, we can make stick figures of gingerbread men or other popular cartoon or animation characters. To cut desired forms, use a cookie cutter or a sculptor’s knife. Additional clay pieces can be added by with your hand or tool to make your sculpture big. Before starting on more complicated clay projects, you may want to take classes and have necessary tools. You can even make life size horse statues with few materials you need to know about

  • Marble is the preferred stone for talented artists and sculptors. Indoors, marble has a longer lifespan.
  • Granite is used for table tops, funeral statues, and gravestone markers.
  • Limestone is great for outdoor sculptures, but it cracks and breaks along the grain.
  • Sandstone is a natural stone that can be sculpted using hand tools. Create reliefs and three-dimensional objects.
  • Soapstone is a simple stone to carve with a knife for novices.
  • Concrete is a sand and gravel mixture. Concrete can be used to make interior and outdoor art or craft things.

To see the finished image, think about and visualise your selected artwork utilising your creative vision. Then listen to what the stone has to say to you. It is the bad choice if the stone and your visual image collide to make life size horse statues. The stone and your visual image must be in sync. The sculptured image will emerge as a result of your skills, talents, stone understanding, and logical tool application.

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