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durian musang king

Enjoy the taste of Musang King at Kungfu Durian

Kungfu Durian is a company run by the lovers of durians people. It is the company which delivers good quality and unique taste of durian fruits at a reasonable price. The Durians are the type of fruits cultivated mostly in the regions of Malaysia, Thailand and have their origin in the Borneo. There are 200 varieties of breeds cultivated in Malaysia where each type has its own flavor, taste, and aroma. The Durian fruit is commonly known as the durian musang king. The average life period of this tree is 100 years, and its value has been grown worldwide in recent years.

The fruit is mainly filled with thick flesh and is buttery in nature. The Musang King is a type of breed that is small-seeded and has a flavor of robust with a bitter taste. The appearance of the fruit is green and has huge thorns at the base with a pyramidal shape. The bottom of the fruit is brown and has less thorn with a star shape in it. There is a ring-shaped gap between the stem and thorns.

Health benefits

All breeds of durian fruits are rich in calcium, sugar, magnesium, protein, starch and have vitamins like B1, B2 and C. Durian Musang King Helps in the regulation of blood pressure and is used for decreasing the risk level of cancer. It also has the benefit of lowering the cholesterol level and increases the cardiovascular system. It improves digestion, bowel movement, helps in strengthening bones, and prevents diseases like osteoporosis.

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