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Veranda on the balcony with sliding glass

Do you want to install a veranda in your home but think you don’t have enough space? Don’t worry, these structures can be designed to adapt to even the smallest spaces, it is impossible to install a veranda even in a small apartment balcony .

When choosing the glass for the balcony veranda it is certainly preferable to opt for sliding glass , in this way an opening on parallel rails with minimum bulk is exploited screen enclosures in Winchester, VA.

Panoramic window on the terrace

If you have a large terrace or an attic that you want to close to make the most of it even in winter, a veranda is the best solution to get more space in the house . To close an attic with a veranda, windows are the most suitable material. Using blackout structures such as awnings or canopies can in fact lead to a dimly lit space, obliterating the view of the landscape. If the terrace enjoys a beautiful view and you want to make the most of natural light during the day, a veranda with panoramic packet windows is the perfect choice. These windows allow you to have a complete opening towards the outside, ideal for admiring the view from your terrace.

A veranda with a bioclimatic greenhouse

Even a part of the garden can be closed with a veranda to create a new and suggestive environment in the house. The bioclimatic greenhouses are one of the most popular solutions to realize a bright glass veranda . These structures also contribute to the energy efficiency of the house and do not require permits as they are considered technical volume. The solar greenhouse is entirely made with low-emissivity glass, allowing maximum light entry and space heating during the winter. To be recognized as a bioclimatic greenhouse and to enjoy the facilitation of permits, specific rules must be respected, such as orientation towards the South and energy improvement of the house.

Veranda with openable or closed cover

When designing a veranda it is important to think about the type of top cover , and whether it will be open or closed.

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