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Sholder pain

Start treatment for frozen shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is the first symptom you suffer from. It is also a dull, aching ache rather than sharp that makes living with a frozen shoulder uncomfortable. Patients with frozen shoulder pain experience an unusual restriction of movement of the shoulder, greatly affecting its mobility. While sleeping, lying on the affected shoulder can be extremely painful and they will have trouble dressing, especially while wearing the shirt. Unlike many physical conditions, frozen shoulder pain has 3 specific stages that people go through.

Stages of shoulder pain from frostbite

Stage 1: freezing phase

This stage is the most painful stage of frozen shoulder treatment in singapore, in which people may experience restricted movement, but the shoulders are less narrow than stage 2. Pain that increases with the freezing phase will last 6 to 12 weeks.

Stage 2: the frozen stage

Once the freezing phase is finished, the freezing phase begins to take place. Most of the time, this happens once the pain is gone, although it will still be painful. As the pain subsides, the stiffness within the shoulder may begin to worsen and will last four to six months.

The third stage: the fusion stage.

Unlike the basic two steps, the thawing phase is once the person feels some relief from frozen shoulder pain. During the thaw phase, movement may return step by step to the shoulder and pain may begin to disperse. It will take a long time for the shoulder to get a full range of motion. This specific phase will take one year.

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