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Pallets have always been a useful tool in our day to day lives, unbeknownst to us. Pallets lay the groundwork of almost all our furniture, giving shape and structure to the body, helping us decorate our homes with ease. Furniture makes our lives a lot more comfortable, and paletten makes sure that the furniture is safe and long lasting.

PALETTEN: Paletten is a flatbed board made of wood that ranges from 1200x800x140mm in length and width and ranges from 20-24kgs of weight. They lie under our furniture giving it the base to lay upon. They were originally invented in the year 1961 and was used to load and unload railway tracks. Paletten is made of various types of woods, particularly Germanic softwood, and they strive not to pose any sort of harm to the environment. Other than that, paletten differ from one another regarding their structure and texture, and also the kind of wood they are built from. Palette can be built from oak, elm, birch, maple, acacia, and many other similar kinds of trees. Paletten are built and exposed to high heat and therefore, they are sustainable in high temperatures and humidity. Palette can also carry load up to 2000kgs on top of it. They form a very important part of our modern lives.



Paletten can be bought from furniture stores and they cost almost a few hundred euros. In case, you are looking for a cheaper yet equally durable palette, you can venture online into a site known as Palettenmoebel, which can deliver your choice of paletten and the cost will be under a hundred euros. There are numerous choices of paletten to choose from and you can choose the one that fits your furniture requirements, also keeping the thought of safety in your head.


Palettenmoebel is a German online store that can get to the perfect paletten, keeping all your requirements in mind.

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