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How to Use a Contact Lens Solution

Previously, people with spectacles thought it to be marring their natural beauty, and when the eye contact lens was invented, there were many happier souls. Contacts came to use and were extensively used by people in need, but today people use contacts as a part of their makeup. However, contact lenses are very delicate and come with many procedures. Maintaining them was not as easy as wearing specs. They were to be cleaned and disinfected using contact lens solution.

Now cleaning them in contact lens solution is not like cleaning something with water. You need to store your used lenses in the contact solution and change it to disinfect your contact lens before putting it on your eyes.

How to use contact solution

There is a small container you will be provided with to store your lenses. Since your lenses go directly into your eyes, they need to be germ-free and shouldn’t dry out your eyes. Therefore, they sit in the contact solution when they are not in your eyes.

It is always advised not to use your lenses throughout the day; therefore, once you get home, you need to store them back in the solution.

For How long Can you Use the Solution

Once used to store the lens, the solution could only be used for up to 30 days or as specified in the label of your solution. But maximum throws out the solution and the lens if it has been sitting for more than 30 days. Ideally, it is better to change the solution every week.


Contact lens maintenance is a delicate issue, and the lens should be handled very carefully. Choose a good solution prescribed by doctors. Change the solution regularly in the contact lens box and ensure it stays disinfected. Do not use the lens or solution if it has been sitting for more than a month.

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