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Review and origination of riot squad vape

Riot Squad is a popular brand of e-liquid used for vaping has its origination in the UK. If you are looking for a vape juice that gives amazing taste and high quality then you should try out this one. It is a rare variety of vape that you will not find in many stores, but if you love vaping then you should try it out. Here we provide you details about the riot squad and its pricing.

Introduction of riot squad:

This is an e-liquid from the UK and London which is a brand dedicated to the production of e-liquid vapes. It was initiated in the year 2016 and since then it has won numerous awards. The brand has promoted this product not like juice but like a lifestyle.

Product details:

The new series of Riot Squad products is focused on fruit types and there are diced salts, desserts, etc too. You can get 10 flavors to choose from in this series. These are available in 6mg and 3mg sizes and the ratio of nicotine is optional. Usually VG: PG is a 70:30 ratio. The appearance of the e-liquid is like a bullet and satisfies the brand name of Riot Squad that has the tagline to hit the hearts of vapers.

pod salt

Different e-liquid flavors of riot squad available:

Yuzu grenade: this is a combination of lemonade and grapefruit and tastes sweet and sour.

Peach Tea: It is having an intensely sweet taste and will give a rock-solid taste.

Tropical Fury: This tropical fruit will bring a raging feeling to your experience of vape. The exotic taste of this will make you feel like never stop.

Sub Lime: Sour oranges and lemon will bring a magical experience to your taste buds.

Black Grape: When black grapes are paired with the Herzegovina and Bosnia then it will unveil the chaos and will give you more comfort.

Raspberry Grenade: The raspberry sweetness will match the refreshment of lemonade and will give you a sense of pleasure similar to the bullets of rain.

Frozen Acai: Acai berry will be considered as a unique blending.

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