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Benefits of Learning from Skillshare Animation Tutorials

As a budding animator, Skillshare animation tutorials are a great way to refine your skills and learn from expert minds all over the world. For those of you who are new to the concept of Skillshare, it is a digital tutorial hub wherein professional designers, animators and illustrators use it as a platform to guide and teach viewers about their line of work by charging a reasonable fee.

If you have a passion for animation but cannot find the right resources to learn the proper techniques, then Skillshare is the perfect choice to learn proper animation methods in the comforts of your home. Skillshare has over 7000 different types of videos that you can learn from and is a community of beginners and brilliant teachers, who are quite experienced in their respective fields and are happy to share their knowledge with you.

They will teach you everything from what tools to use, to what techniques are more efficient, less time to consume and what errors should be avoided during animation. There are many tutorials that cost only $8 per month.

Why take up a Skillshare animation class?

If you have an interest in taking up animation and have the ability to bring life to illustrations, then you can choose from different tutorials that are available. Premium classes are a good place to start your journey, animation can be a tedious skill to master but with experts like Fraser Davidson, you can learn how to start off with easy animation like GIFS and then eventually move on to the toughest class of all, that is, Character animation.

  • These are the key elements one can find in the skill animation classes:
  • Design simple characters using Adobe Illustrator
  • Build your characters by making use of After effects
  • Arrange your characters how you want them and then give them movement by making them walk in a scene
  • Export your project in a GIF format and release on the web

Animation Tutorials to look out for on Skillshare:

Stop motion in aftereffects by Jake Bartlett

Bartlett is a motion designer and has experience that spans over 10 years; he has worked for famous LA studios and now works as a freelancer. In his most recent video, he guides you in how to create animation using stop-motion techniques in AfterEffects while keeping a photo real material effect.

Skillshare animation basics by Aaron Blaise:

Blaise is a professional animator with a number of successful feathers in his hat. He is the hand behind some of Disney’s blockbuster animations such as Aladdin, Pocahontas, and The Lion King. His videos are comparatively affordable compared to other animators, which should come as a steal, coming from him and his wealth of knowledge. Through his tutorials, he will teach you about the fundamentals of animation and how to approach a scene as an animator.


Skillshare animation and self-teaching are completely practical routes you can take to learn how to animate and refine your skills. It would be foolish to not tap into the potential that these tutorials offer and ignore their potential. At the end of it, it’s you who has to make yourself a professional artist and these tutorials will only chaperon you.

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