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Internet Security Battle: Proxy VS VPN – Which One is The Best?

VPN and proxy browser or servers are the most popular services when it comes to web security features. Both are handy and efficient which give better data encryption and IP-hiding technology features which provide the ability to secure user’s web data and information.

These two are gaining more popularity because of the world’s in need of privacy and because of the growing population of streaming platforms and digital libraries. Yes, they are somewhat the same and has similar functions, but proxy servers and VPNs are not the same, keep on reading to find out the reason why.

free proxyWhat is a Proxy?

Web proxy, proxy servers, or proxy browser is a tool/program added to a browser that gives the user the ability to hide its original IP address by handling multiple web requests through a server which located between you and the internet.

The proxy server will receive all the user’s request and data information and send it back to the web pages and services, this tool also shows the basic level of being anonymous at the time of web browsing.

It may seem simpler than any other form of IP address hiding tools, but proxy servers are not flexible and function-packed compared to VPN, proxy servers are cheaper than the VPNs.

What is a VPN?

Virtual private networks (VPN) are online tools which come in the form of an application or a user. It is a software that needs to be installed in someone’s device such as a computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet with the intention of hiding its web traffic and IP address for more extra privacy, security, and anonymity.

VPNs uses technologies known as protocols to create a computer-generated bridge for the IP address and public online content to proceed, secured from hackers, malicious data attackers, governmental surveillance authorities, online marketing advertisers, and other entities which can be possibly harmful.

VPNs provide a high-level of privacy and anonymous browsing since the IP address show the exact location of a user to track their whereabouts. Aside from that, a VPN can also give the user a different IP number from different countries.

Differences between the Two Protectors – Proxy and VPN

  • Proxies are simple and easy, while setting up the VPN may be a bit complicated.
  • Proxies only hide internet traffic, while VPN can encrypt all online and offline user’s traffic
  • Proxies can be used in web browsers, while VPN requires a user’s software
  • VPNs can offer a different kind of security features while Proxies can’t
  • Proxies are much cheaper compared to VPNs
  • Proxies are best for users with minimal system resources, while VPN can handle an organization
  • Proxies are for temporary while VPNs are for long-term service.
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