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Getting Around Singapore for a Tourist

Singapore is known for its swanky restaurants, botanical attractions and multicultural ambience. Offering good shopping experiences allowing tourists to buy souvenirs, it is therefore not surprising to know that it’s one of the top 5 countries visited in the world. Tourism plays a huge role in Singapore’s economy, catering to 4% of the GDP annually; it offers holiday-goers a variety of experiences from theme parks to adventure sports. Attracting 3 times its population in terms of tourists, transportation infrastructure becomes a huge part of the holiday experience. To cater to this demand, Singapore has a variety of transportation methods from bus fleets and cycles to cabs for tourists to get to places.

Cab Rentals – Enabling Safe Tourism

In recent years cab rentals has become a convenient mode of movement enabling tourists to visit those sights that they exclusively want to view. It allows for privacy, facilitates easy planning and enables tourists to experience the culture and lifestyle of Singaporeans. Today with the world grappling with Covid-19, it has become a sort of preferred mode of transport for tourists due to the privacy and exclusivity. Cab rental companies like Aka car rentals allow for budget car rental in singapore. Merits offered include convenience, wide geographical spread for easy access, insurance coverage and hygienic transportation.

Aka offers attractive promotional offers, discounted membership and with no safety deposit asked it has become of the pivotal players in the car rental space. They have a detailed website where bookings and reservations can be made, testimonies are attached for people to make informed choices and offer a variety of options to choose from. Car rental is not just for tourists, people without cars having a large family get-together, people wanting to run errands can make use of this service.

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