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wedding photo booth

October 11, 2021


Here Is The Right Reason For Photo Booth On Any Occasion 

Whatever is the occasion, whether it is a wedding, private party and many more professional photographers are hired by the people to capture the best moments of the occasion as it will remain a memory forever. But of late the fashion is changing. New fashion is people are seen installing photo booths whatever the occasion may be. People do this for a number of reasons. It is a well known fact that if a good quality photographer is hired he is sure to charge lots of money.

It is really very much possible to bear the expense by one and all.  People whose budget is question mark can certainly not afford this expense. Hence people who have problems with their budget can have a wedding photo booth for it enables them to click the photo of every guest present at the function. However grand the occasion may be, it is a must to get photo booths which are available for rent to make sure no one makes sure none of the brilliant pictures are missed.

Occasion incomplete without photos

No event is considered completed till good photos are clicked. Whatever is the occasion if the host of the event presents all his or her guests a photo memento of the event he is sure to be appreciated. The host can make it possible by hiring a photo booth. Every guest attending will leave the event happily and satisfied because all the guests will feel they have been treated equally and they have been made to feel all are special. When a large gathering is organized it is not necessary for all the guests to know one another. This will make the event more enjoyable. People present in the event can have fun they already know and introduce themselves and interact with them. This also enables them to take pictures not only with the host but also with the other guests who are present in the event.


Time to choose Kristy for your new born photographs

Comfort is the real happiness that we owe to our children and as a baby he needs a good one in that time due to the nature of a real baby. While selecting diapers which externally touches the baby for a very high time compared to other accessories we need to give some extra care. But while doing so the biggest mistake we do is searching for the one with more pictures and other such aesthetic things. You need to provide only the best thing to your baby as a parent but the selection you have in your mind should be in the right direction. When it comes to the newborn baby photography I would like to tell you that the Kristy studio is being used extensively helpful to the parents.

Why Kristy is better?

If you are a creative thinker and interested in creating new things then technology has given you a boon in the form of Kristy studio. They are no more a matter of high cost and you could easily avail newborn baby photography now in the market without nay hassles by the help of the Kristy studio.

Why Kristy is better?

Creating fantastic things always delivers a pleasure of innovation and by the help of Kristy studio you can achieve this without spending a huge amount of money into your passionate new born photography and get the famous packages from them.

Packages available to you

By the help of the Kristystudio it is easy to get different options for the photo shoots of yournew born. Because sometimes the age of the infant will be different and you may need the package to match with their age. In this situation you can select a cake smash or the milestone moments where you can photograph some of the achievements of your kid with the photographic experts.

video production agencies

July 9, 2019


Make your big ideas come to life with the video production agencies in Singapore

If you’ve chosen that your organization needs an expert video production agency Singapore to help, search for such agencies in Singapore. One of them is Storyteller.

 Storyteller is an advertising and video production agency situated in Singapore, brings the intensity of video and moving visuals to our customers, helping energizing brands and businesses communicate better.

The storyteller has been in charge of numerous viral recordings in Singapore. These don’t simply recount to any story. They tell yours, in an interesting and riveting approach. Amazing stories and visuals summon incredible feeling and commitment. Storyteller productions know this well through our broad experience working with numerous customers from top brands and associations.

best video production

Storyteller makes your Best moments memorable!

We believe that we all are storytellers in our own specific manner. We as a whole have our very own stories to impart to the world. What better approach to have them chronicled and caught in an amazing and staggering moving picture made by the most enthusiastic and best video production agency Singapore?

We ensure that your stories will speak and draw in more audience. We have been making innovative content from short movies and adverts for various critical customers in Singapore.

With experienced and imaginative videographers at our firm, Storyteller is the best video generation agency Singapore for your advertisements, corporate recordings, and short stories. As a bespoke video creation and publicizing agency, we offer services for a lot of projects.

With regards to advertising and other campaigns, we highly esteem our remarkable ideas and concepts.

wedding memory with professional photography

March 17, 2019


Make the wedding memory with professional photography

Wedding is a one day occasion that needs more memory. After a long gap from your wedding day, you will be able to remember all those beautiful moments through photos. Photos are the memory for that day. Each and every activity of your day is recorded through the photography and given to you in the name of beautiful memory. To capture the entire incident, it is important to be conscious of the weeding couple actions. Thus every single moment can be captured only through professional photographers. If you do not want to regret later, you should make a research before hiring a photographer. Photographers are found everywhere. So it is not easy to locate a professional who will capture every minute action.

wedding photography

For making a wonderful memory of your marriage day, then make a research to spot the expert wedding photographer singapore. They will take the whole responsibility of giving you the photos that you all wished. Photography is the profession who makes colorful memory for people. Even during your hard days you should be able to recover from the sadness through this special memory. All these photos have the memory and power to change the bad moments. You can get the wonderful day with these wedding memories. It is your time to start working on the research for wedding photography. From the reviews and their previous work, you can choose an expert professional. Make the best choice of choosing the professional who gives the colorful memory.

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